Micro Vision
We "Micro Vision" offer commercial software, cash registers (fiscal printers), CCTV, as well as service and support for them. You can expect complete dedication, quality and expertise from us! Our main goal is to make you happy with the end result.
Commercial software
Development and implementation of POS software solutions for managing retail outlets.
Cash registers
Sale of efficient cash registers in compliance with the latest requirements of Regulation H-18.
Closed-circuit television - CCTV
Sales and implementation of CCTV systems and software. Vision one click away.
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You can expect complete dedication, quality and expertise from us.
Our services
guarantee and quality
Services for cash registers:
  1. Repair and prevention;
  2. Programming, training and fiscalisation;
  3. Issuance of a certificate for registration of fiscal devices.
Computer services:
  1. Installation and adjustment of hardware;
  2. Networking;
  3. Repair services of warranty and post-warranty computer and office equipment;
  4. Diagnostics of personal computers, laptops and other office equipment;
  5. Prevention of personal computers and laptops;
  6. Software installations and hardware additions.
Delivery of supplies:
  1. Rollers for fiscal devices;
  2. Self-adhesive labels for printers;
  3. Printer cartridges and supplies;
  4. Labels for marker pliers.
Trading systems services:
  1. Support for cash registers and fiscal printers
  2. Installation and setup of software
  3. Repairing and prevention
  4. Training in working with commercial software
  5. Metrology certification of scales
Video surveillance services:
  1. Installation and setup
  2. Repairing and prevention
Our customers
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